Tuesday, 29 May 2012


So I have been a bit rubbish with my blogging recently! I do most of it for my departments blog Learning Technology News ( But as i will soon be leaving the department I thought I would start to post some of those interesting things here, as I really enjoying finding and posting them.

This means the focus of this blog will change slightly, to focus more on technology and education. there will also be lost of social media stuff as this is my big passion! Hopefully my posts will be of interest to you all!

So here it goes!

My first new post will be a combination of all my passions with a superhero social media infographic! What can I say, I just love a good infographic, and this is a good one!


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

African Spring

After all the talk of the Arab Spring it appears that a motivation for change has not been lost ion the rest of the world. There is now talk of an African Spring, although it might not been quite the same as what we saw in the Arab world. Most African countries do not wish to topple regimes, they want to campaign for awareness and fairness. 

This article from the BBC News website is very interesting:

I recommend you watch the video as there is a lot of talk about the power of social media in it. This is of course one of the elements of the Arab Spring that was famously reported on, and in the video (on the BBC news article) African activists talk about the power of social media.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Land of liberty...

Is it just me or are you starting to get seriously concerned about what is happening in the United States, especially with SOPA and PIPA as well.

Watch this video and then make up your own mind:

If this (USA) is the land of liberty I am even more concerned about what must be happening in the UK......

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ladies, you must watch this!

This video is awesome!

It came with this disclaimer: This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Debate club

The first rule of debate clubs is always talk about debate club!!!

Okay so it's not so much a debate club as an academic interest group.....

for those who don't remember I sent out this email to everyone from Writing for Stage and Screen/ Persuassion in the Media Age:

Hello all,

I hope you are enjoying your summers/ are getting on well with your plays :)

I was wondering if any of you would be open to the idea of continuing our meetings after the course ends, on a social basis?

Like people have book clubs we could have a debate/ discussion club and meet up to discuss different topics?

I know everyone is busy so it would be a monthly/ bimonthly thing...the first Wednesday of the month type of deal.

Might be a totally lame idea but I thought it was worth suggesting.

I would be happy to take responsibility of arranging venues and topics.

Let me know what you think.

Best regards


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pirates ahoy!

This is very dangerous grounds!

Blocking websites...lets think of places they do that....

Also I thought the internet was supposed to be free, I thought we were supposed to be free. Restricted only by rules we all agree on like murder is bad.

Why do these big media industries keep moaning about technology rather than trying to roll with it and find ways to make it work for them. Can they not see that they can have an audience if they can offer soemthing better, something you can't get for free?

Also lets not for a minutes pretend this sort of piracy is new, or that if they 'stop it' people won;t find another way! From bootleg cassettes to radio pirates and internet pirates people will keep finding new ways! I say less efforts in swash buckeling and more efforts in quality products, rather than signing 50 bands that sound and look the about some original sounds? How about something worth spending my hard earned money on?

These days you simply have to work harder for clientele and media companies seem to prefer to act like petulant children and fight untill someone gives in rather than earning their money.

Friday, 15 April 2011

1350 left to play

How very interesting this campaign is! I noticed it on the side of a web page I was looking at, the model was tattooed which of cause drew my attention straight away. I then followed it up and found just how heavily tattoo based the campaign is!

It's not really a suprise when you think about it, tattoo culture is a big part of many sports - football of the most prevelant (along with the NBA). Tattoos also tend be more popular amoung younger people, obviously the target market for this campaign.